Anger Management & De-escalation: Facilitator - Virtual Training

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AMD Webinar On-Demand

Online Virtual Training Course 

This is the AMD Webinar Training On-Demand which supports the Onsite training of the same name and this web-based training is best used by those who will NOT employ the Non-Pain Inducing Therapeutic Hold Techniques. OnSite Training provides "hands-on" learning of those techniques. Learn more about OnSite Training




The practical guide is based on AMD - Huan Juthe Art of Redirection. Participants will learn and demonstrate verbal, non-verbal and Non-pain inducing Physical intervention techniques of de-escalating potentially violent situations. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and intervening in anger elevating events before they develop into violence. Learn More...


AMD Facilitator Webinar----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anger Management/De-escalation Guide information

  • ·Letter
  • Overview

Section 1: Introduction

- Controlling Anger - Before it Controls You

  • What is Anger
  • Anger Management & Self Control

Section 2: How To Do It - Prevention

  • A Tale of Two Students
  • Frustration: Forced Choice
  • The Anger Process: RPR
  • Anger Interruption Methods

Section 3: Intervention To Classroom Anger

  • De-escalation
  • Power Struggles
  • Communication
  • Redirection
  • Humor
  • Problem Solving
  • Physical Intervention

Section 4: Correction - Restoring Control

  • Consistency
  • Punishment versus Consequences
  • Logical and Natural Consequences
  • Reporting
  1. Practical Exercises & A Case Study Practical Exercises (1 Through 9) & Case Study
  2. Attachments :
  • Managing An Escalation/Hostage Situation (Checklist) Attachment 1
  • How To Break-Up A Fight (Checklist) Attachment 2 
  • Oppositional Defiant Behavior - Behavioral Responses (ChecklistAttachment 3
  • Measure Your Anger (Checklist) Attachment 4

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