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The Myth of ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities. Parenting Without Ritalin
The Myth of ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities: Parenting Without Ritalin is a practical guide for parents, which explains how they can teach their children concentration and self-control without drugging them into submission. This is the one book that will light the way out of the tunnel of darkness. It was written by Dr Jan Strydom & Susan du Plessis. Check out Keys' Training on dealing with ADHD Students
The Anger Process - Webinar On-Demand
The Anger Process - Webinar On-Demand

On-Line Training with Certification and Certificate of Completion for CEU credits!!

How do we manage Anger? Can it be stopped before it is Out-of-Control in someone?  Learn more about:

  • how anger works,
  • learn more about primary emotions versus secondary emotions,
  • how to target a certain area,
  • why individuals vent,
  • three different areas to target and
  • how this will help individuals have more control over their anger.
Emotional Urgent Care Facilitator downloadable eBook
Emotional Urgent Care - Crisis Counseling Fac. eBook

This is the EUC eBook guide which supports the training of the same name and is best used by those who have completed that or similar training.   It's FREE with Training


Keys’ created this certification training and guide called Emotional Urgent Care (EUC).  EUC provides emergency psychological care to victims in crisis, to assist them in returning to an adaptive level of functioning and to prevent or limit the potential negative impact of emotional trauma.  Learn More about Certification Training...

School & Parent Resource Kit
School and Parent Resource Kit

The materials contained in this book are Handouts and Slides used in various training programs.  

The book is a "Collection of  Valuable, Innovative, and Informative Handouts for Schools and Parents."  By popular request, this collection has been made available to educators, counselors, and parents for their use.  FREE with Sign-up!

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MS-13 Gang Webinar Facilitator Training
MS-13 Gang Webinar Facilitator Training

On-Line Training with Certification and Certificate of Completion for CEU credits!!

Are you sure that your school is not infected with gang issues? To learn how to intervene with potential gang members, take this Online Webinar today.

Was: $15.00
Now: $5.00
Urine Trouble
U-r-ine Trouble (False Positives)

U-R-INE TROUBLE Dr. Holtorf (copies as low as $9) demonstrates how common foods, prescription medications, and vitamin supplements are forcing many non-users to falsely test positive, and shows how drug users are able to easily pass these tests. Yes, even with the GC/MS, there are often false positives. Dr. Holtorf unveils the ugly truth about drug testing and explains how you can avoid the devastating pitfall of a false positive test.  This is a must read if you are tested and are worried about false positives.

Call for quanitity orders 800.504.7355

$9.00 - $40.91
Bullying Stops when Respect Begins (Online Virtual Training)
Bullying Stops When Respect Begins - Virtual Training

Online Virtual Training Course 

School students have reported an increase in bullying with severe consequences to themselves and their schools.

Training is available for Teachers and School Administrators dealing with bullying and developing effective policies on bullying. 

AMD Facilitator Webinar
Anger Management & De-escalation: Facilitator - Virtual Training

Online Virtual Training Course 

This is the AMD Webinar Training On-Demand which supports the Onsite training of the same name and this web-based training is best used by those who will NOT employ the Non-Pain Inducing Therapeutic Hold Techniques.  OnSite Training provides "hands-on" learning of those techniques. Learn more about OnSite Training

The webinar comes with Keys' international utilized downloadable guide on AMD - Huan Juthe Art of Redirection. Participants will learn verbal, non-verbal and Non-Pain Inducing Therapeutic Hold Techniques of de-escalating potentially violent situations. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and intervening in anger elevating events before they develop into violence. Learn More...