Assessment Instrument/Tool

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A one-page Assessment Instrument used in assessing individuals exhibiting early and imminent warning signs through the Risk/Threat Assessment Teams and used in the PDS and Assessing Dangerousness trainings. 

The instrument is based on International Level research on Assessing Dangerous by the Department of Education, Office of Juvenile Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service and others. It is an exciting breakthrough for schools and workplaces desiring to follow the Columbine Review Commission Report and other International Reports on developing Risk/Threat Assessment Teams

  • The Instrument scores students in four areas Social Characteristics, Academic Characteristics, Violent Characteristics, and Weapons Characteristics.  The score can be utilized to determine if they pose a Low, Medium or High Risk to themselves or the organization.
  • This instrument is copy written.  Although, organizations with individuals who have been through Keys' Certification Training:
    • Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student Training and
    • Assessing Dangerousness in Adults Training

 are given limited permission to copy the Instrument at no-cost.

Included in the:


Packets: $100-100     $60-50    $40-25      Tool is FREE with above trainings

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