Taking the Bully by the Horns


By Katy Noll with Dr. Jay Carter

This book is very informative and an educational vehicle for elementary age and middle school children, in terms that they can easily understand! The book handles the subject of bullying quite well.


This book was written to help children, it is sought out by parents, teachers, librarians, and guidance counselors. Many schools and libraries have purchased it as a learning tool


Chapter 1: 

  • The Bully
  • Meeting Your Bullies
  • Description Of A Bully
  • Picking Out A Bully
  • The Mean Bully
  • The Meaner Bully
  • The Meanest Bully!
  • Is Anybody Really A Bully?

Chapter 2: 

  • The Bully Games
  • The Guessing Game
  • I Blame You
  • Missing The Point
  • Judging You Unfairly
  • Bad Control
  • The Sneak Attack
  • The Fake
  • The Mind Jam
  • The Low Blow
  • You Can't Win
  • Choosing Not To Play

Chapter 3: 

  • The Victim
  • (Why Me?)
  • Are You "The Victim?"
  • F-E-A-R
  • Girls As Victims
  • Call Me "Victim" Please
  • Wimp, Wuss, Or Victim
  • The Making Of A Victim
  • "The Victim" Plays "The Bully"
  • You're OK
  • The Victim Quiz

Chapter 4: 

  • How A Bully Becomes A Bully
  • Are You A Bully Too?
  • Why You Act Like A Bully
  • How Do You Stop?
  • The Fine Line Between "Bully" & Victim"
  • Bullying = No Respect
  • Frustration=Jealousy=Bullying
  • What Happens To Bullies?

Chapter 5: 

  • What Can You Do About It?
  • Bully Mania!
  • If You're Being Bullied
  • When You're Related To The Bully
  • The Bully's Opposite
  • Solution Contribution
  • The Confrontation
  • Excuse Me?
  • Get Them Alone
  • Keeping Your Balance



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