Tobacco/Nicotine Oral Drug Test Strip

NicAlert Oral Nicotine Strip
NicAlert Oral Nicotine Strip
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25 - 50 $15.25
100 - 249 $14.33
250 - 500 $13.52

As low as 13.52 per tester.  NicAlert™ is the world's first oral fluid (saliva) based, point of contact, lateral flow immunoassay for Nicotine (Tobacco) use or abuse. Simple and discreet nicotine or smoking status testing without the inconvenience, embarrassment or biological hazard risks associated with urine specimen collection and handling.  Sold per tester, quanity discounts below.  Additional discounts call 800.504.7355


Completely eliminates the possibility of urine sample contamination, adulteration, substitution or manipulation. Semi-quantitative results using saliva in approximately 15 minutes. Extremely sensitive to cotinine, the principle metabolite of nicotine, the NicAlert™ test will detect 6 ranges of cotinine concentrations from 0 ng/ml through 2000+ ng/ml. May also be used for urine sample testing in dipstick format.

FDA 510K

Per Test

Insure that the person being tested has had nothing in their mouth for at least 5 minutes before sample collection. This includes water or other beverages (dilution) or food of any type (contamination).

  • Collect the oral fluid sample by using the funnel device and collection container provided. The test subject should spit into the funnel until the collection container is filled at least one third with saliva. Never insert the strip directly in the subject's mouth as the strip will not react properly.
  • Remove the funnel from the collection container and plug the larger open end with the stopper provided.
  • Lay the NicAlert™ test device on a dry flat surface with the numbered levels facing up.
  • Squeeze the collection container and apply the saliva sample to the absorbent cotton wick end of the test strip. Apply approximately 4-5 drops or until the wick is completely saturated waiting at least ten (10) seconds between each drop. Allow each drop to soak into the wick before applying the next drop. In the case of very viscous samples, you may need to add additional drops. apply the 4th drop on top of the 3rd drop when the 3rd drop has almost sunk all the way into the sample pad. Add enough saliva sample that visible sample migration across the test result panel begins.

Wait 20 minutes for test results to fully develop. Test results are read by observing and scoring level at which the color change stops.

Level on Strip Contine Level
0 1-10 ng/mL
1 10-30 ng/ml
2 30-100 ng/ml
3 100-200 ng/ml
4 200-500 ng/ml
5 500-2000 ng/ml
6 2000+ ng/ml

See Drug Test Specifics for the specific drug detected 

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