Schools, Terrorism & Homeland Security


This guide was developed as a comprehensive training designed to familiarize school staffs with the realities of international terrorism, how it may effect schools as soft-targets and specific actions that can be taken (with budget restrictions in mind) by the school to enhance the safety of their students.

This Guide was developed as a dynamic document designed to help organizes  thought process about Homeland Security Alert Codes and how your school should best respond to them.  For the BEST results, training from Keys should accompany this document Remember: Your school is unique. Therefore this Guide needs to be implemented to meet the unique needs of your school. At the end of this document you will find a “Translation Matrix” which converts codes into actions schools can take. 

Schools are government agencies that collectively house more people every day than any other entity. Because they are our children, the students in those schools are most precious to us which makes them lucrative targets for terror. However, schools operate with extremely limited resources and face great difficulty in preparing for any level of possible terrorism, much less preparing for five levels. Keys' has prepared a guide for schools that simplifies this process and speaks in terms that administrators, staff and students can understand.

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