AMD Facilitator's 2 year Re-Certification Quiz

AMD Fac Re-Certification Training
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AMD Two Year Online Re-Certification Exam:

This Exam is for those who are currently certified as AMD Facilitators . This exam is to Re-Certify prior to their up coming re-certification date. By completing this exam Facilitators will be certified for two additional years and provided all the rights Facilitators are given by Keys' to utilize the Program and Skill set. Upon successful completion of this Exams the Facilitator will receive the following; A 2 year Certification, Certificate of Complete for CEU Credit, FacilitatorPrivileges and more. Learn more about a Facilitator


*Note: If your certification has expired and you are within your 30 day grace period you may enter the test at full price (no coupons). If a coupon/discount is utilized, that money is forfeited, the test scores are null and void and you must resubmit at the full price.

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