Anger Management & De-escalation Guide - Facilitator

Anger Management/De-escalation Guide - Facilitator
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This is the  guide which supports the training of the same name and is best used by those who have completed that or similar training.   It's FREE with Training 

The practical guide is based on AMD - Huan Juthe Art of Redirection. Participants will learn and demonstrate verbal, non-verbal and Non-pain inducing Physical intervention techniques of de-escalating potentially violent situations. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and intervening in anger elevating events before they develop into violence.   Learn More...


Anger Management/De-escalation Guide information 

  • Letter

  • Overview

Section 1:  Introduction

 - Controlling Anger - Before it Controls You

  • What is Anger
  • Anger Management & Self Control

Section 2: How To Do It - Prevention 

  • A Tale of Two Students 
  • Frustration: Forced Choice
  • The Anger Process: RPR
  • Anger Interruption Methods

Section 3: Intervention To Classroom Anger

  • De-escalation 
  • Power Struggles
  • Communication
  • Redirection
  • Humor
  • Problem Solving
  • Physical Intervention 

Section 4: Correction - Restoring Control

  • Consistency
  • Punishment versus Consequences
  • Logical and Natural Consequences
  • Reporting

Practical Exercises & A Case Study

Practical Exercises (1 Through 9) & Case Study


Managing An Escalation/Hostage Situation (Checklist)  Attachment 1
How To Break-Up A Fight (Checklist) Attachment 2
Oppositional Defiant Behavior -
Behavioral Responses (Checklist) Attachment 3
Measure Your Anger (Checklist) Attachment 4


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