PDS Facilitator's 2 year Re-Certification Quiz

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Two Year Online Re-Certification Exam

PDS Facilitator Re-Certification TrainingThis Exam is for those who are currently certified as PDS Facilitators.  This exam is to Re-Certify prior to their up coming re-certification date.  By completing this exam Facilitators will be certified for two additional years (up to six years) and provided all the rights Facilitators are given by Keys'  to  to utilize the Program and Skill set.  Upon successful completion of this Exams the Facilitator will receive the following; A 2 year Certification, Certificate of Complete for CEU Credit, Facilitator Privileges and more. Learn more about  a Facilitator

Exam Requirements/Prerequisites:

  1. Current PDS: Fac. Certification is still active "a must". (Exceptions made on a case-by-case bases - Contact Keys' )
  2. Possession of your own PDS: Fac Manual (Exam will ask verification question from Manual)
  3. Facilitator's MUST certify to following all PDS: Fac Guidelines (see below)
  4. Facilitator's MUST be at original organization where certification was given, unless requested through Keys' to transfer Certification to new organization.  Contact Keys' 
  5. Facilitator's have paid Re-Certification Fee

This exam tests learning about the ever-increasing frequency and severity of school shootings and other forms of violence. Based upon International Level research by the Department of EducationOffice of Juvenile Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service and others.  Keys’ has developed a most unique approach to the detection and prevention of School Violence. The full training provides schools a component of a Risk/Threat Assessment Team Model The accompanying Book that supports the training, is provided free to all facilitator's at the time of training and MUST BE available to serve as a great resource on the subject of Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS) Guide during this exam.

Keys To Safer Schools, the international leader, is dedicated to helping parents, schools and other organizations provide a safer place to learn, work and play in today's climate of rising violence.  Keys'locations - US,  Canada & Europe.

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