Book Markers (Pack of 200)

SKU: KBM-200

Keys' has four different types of book marks targeting students and parents. 


Choose from :


  • "Ten Questions to ask yourself  before you run away!" which goes over questions Students should ask themselves before they run away.  Example: What else can I do to make better my home situation before I leave?


  • "Becoming P.O.W.E.R. P.A.R.E.N.T.S. book mark is an acronym directed to parents.  Example: P raise! Praise! Praise!   O  ffer a place for homework   W ant your child to be successful....etc.


  • "Dealing with my Anger!"  This book mark is geared for K-6th graders.  It characterizes styles of dealing with anger by using pictures of animals.  The "Avoidant Rabbit", "Aggressive Tiger", and the "Wise Owl" show different ways to handle anger.  Lastly, it shows four ways to deal with anger in the Wise Owl style.  


  • "Dealing with Bullying !"  This bookmark is geared to K-9 graders.  It first identifies signs of being bullied, giving the Early Warning Signs to Bullying.  But the bookmark gives eight steps that students can employ to stop the bullying.

Custom Book Markers available upon request.

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