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Bus Driver Trainer Packet
Trainer Packet: Bus Driver - Managing the Mobile Classroom (Facilitator Edition)

Packet 2 - FULL Interactive PowerPoint Presentation on CD:  Containing - Interactive Powerpoint, Copy of Slides, Black Note Slides, Videos of Rouge Bus Drivers and access to additional research - All in a Trainer's Binder.  The PowerPoint will guide the Trainer through this powerful international Training Guide and Training.  This PowerPoint is designed to use with a class of Facilitators being trained by a Certified Bus Driver: Managing the Mobile Classroom - Trainner.

The train-the-trainer Guide - Managing the Mobile Classroom is based on International level research and contains information on Student Mangement, How to Break Up a Fight, to combat Bullying, emotional, manage anger in self and others and build respect amount student by developing both an Positive Management Style, Addressing concern quickly and bulding a Respect Based Program in the Transportation Department.

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