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Bullying Stops when Respect Begins - Wrkbk
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This workbook is part of the "Bullying Stops when Respect BeginsSchool Campaign. It was designed by Mental Health Experts coming together to help students learn how to solve the bullying problem and have a little fun in the process.  The different topics are designed to help answer questions like;  what is a bully, a victimhow to Handle bullies, how to change the school enviroment and more.  FREE with Training.


The different topics are designed to help them answer questions like;

  • what is a bully, a victim, 

  • how to handle bullies and more...


"Bullying Stops when Respect Begins” School Program is a school-based social & emotional learning program designed to bring new awareness to the problem, develop understanding about the issue, implement new skills to empower, to decrease bullying and help students and staff build more respectful, caring peer relationships. This workbook targets upper elementary, middle and junior high school students, but with slight adjustments on your instructors’ part can be effective up into High School and College.  Its contents include sample posters, flyers, Random Respect Action Cards, Bully Busting Pledge Book Marks, and much much more...


Table of Contents

Section 1: Exercises

  • What do you see? (deals with Perceptions)  
  • Who has the Power? (deals with Power Struggles) 
  • Who do you look like? (deals with self-image)
  • What’s a Victim’s M.O.? (deals with signs of victim)
  • What’s a Bully’s M.O.? (deals with signs of Bully) 
  • Understanding and Reaching the Bully! 
  • Handling the Bully? (deals with Skill building) 
  • Is this Snitching, Narcing, Tattling or is it being a responsible student? (deals with knowing when to tell) 
  • Developing a S.A.F.E. Chapter (deals with student Chapters) 
  • Planning Ahead to STOP bullying (develops Problem-Solving) 
  • The "Bully Buster Pledge Card" stops bullying in its tracks! (develops personal commitment) 
  • Is R. & R. Needed? (deals with showing Respect)
  • Is there Bullying on TV? (develops awareness of the problem) 

Section 2: Posters and Handouts

  • Rules to STOP Bullying in your school and class (Poster) 
  • Is it Snitching, Narcing, Tattling or is it being a responsible student?(Poster) 
  • The "Bully Buster Pledge Cards" (Handouts) 
  • Random Respect Action Cards (Handouts) 
  • Two "Bullying Stops when Respect Begins" Posters 


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