Trainer Packet: Anger Management/De-escalation (AMD) - TtT

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For Certified Trainers Only

Packet 2 - FULL Interactive PowerPoint Presentation on CD or Flashdrive and Black Note Slides, copy of Slides in Case.  The PowerPoint will guide the Trainer through the powerful AMD Trainer Manual (free w/ AMD Trainer Training).  This PowerPoint is designed to use in training AMD Facilitators by a currently Certified AMD Traininer.

The train-the-trainer AMD PowerPoint  paried with the AMD Guide - Anger Management/De-escalation is based on International level research.  The practical applications of this Power Point Training Aid is based on Huan Ju, the art of Redirection AMD Training. Through this PowerPoint and Guide - participants will learn and demonstrate verbal, non-verbal and non-pain inducing physical intervention techniques of de-escalating potentially violent situations. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and intervening in anger elevating events before they develop into violence. This Powerpoint paired with the TtT Guide will teach attendees how to apply these techniques and Skills. It provides physical & non-physical means to stop or break up a fight with minimal risk to others.

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