Trainer Packet: Bus Driver - Managing the Mobile Classroom (Facilitator Edition)

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Packet 2 - FULL Interactive PowerPoint Presentation on CD:  

CD Contains - 

  • Interactive Powerpoint,
  • Copy of Slides,
  • Black Note Slides,
  • Videos of Rouge Bus Drivers,
  • access to additional research and
  • more...

All in a Trainer's Binder.   (Check out our discount Value Package with Interactive CD + eBook Guide + Bus Driver Code Cards "100 Pack" below)


The PowerPoint will guide the Trainer through this powerful international Training Guide and Training.  This PowerPoint is designed to use with a class of Facilitators being trained by a Certified Bus Driver: Managing the Mobile Classroom - Trainner.

The train-the-trainer Guide - Managing the Mobile Classroom is based on International level research and contains information on Student Mangement, How to Break Up a Fight, to combat Bullying, emotional, manage anger in self and others and build respect amount student by developing both an Positive Management Style, Addressing concern quickly and bulding a Respect Based Program in the Transportation Department.

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The FULL Interactive PowerPoint Presentation onBus Driver - Managing the Mobile Classroom; Student Management in a Hostile Environment. (BusDrv: TP02Fac) comes from International research. Driver's primary mission is delivering student safely to their destination. Just as important is the driver's secondary mission of managing students' hostile behavior. This one-of-a-kind book is designed to equip the driver with skills to manage the mobile classroom.  Skills taught in this informative book include:


    • The Bus as a Mobile Classroom -The drivers role as: Driver, Teacher, Principal, Counselor and SRO. 
      • How to Spot a Potentially Dangerous Situation and Manage &/or Avoid it.
      • How to De-escalate Potential Violence.
      • How to Avoid Power Struggles.
      • How to Respond to Violence or Danger.
        • Bullying
        • Fighting
        • Hijacking
        • Guns and other weapons
        • Drugs or Alcohol
      • How to Prevent or Respond to Acts of Terrorism.
      • How to Identify and Report Students who need immediate help. 


It is based on Internationally Researched projects and developed by professionals who have worked with students, juvenile offenders and angry adults for many years.  Not another book on theory, its:

*  Practical    * Hands-on,

*  How-to   * Informal  *  Skills oriented

Target Audience: Transportation Directors and Supervisors, Bus Driver, School Resource Officers (SRO), Bus Aides, Parents, Volunteers and others who are connected with or use school owned or contracted transportation for students. 

Value Package

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